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Club for Bulgarian folk dance "Horo-2002" - Yambol

October 1, 2012
Dear Friends, Club for Bulgarian folk dances "Horo 2002" at National Cultural Center "Saglasie-1862" Yambol start rehearsals for the new season 2012/2013 of October 1 - Monday 18:00

We invite everyone to October 1st - Monday 18:00 in the rehearsal hall at the school located in the community center "Saglasie - 1862" Yambol, "Rakovski" № 20 check schedule rehearsals.
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Изтегли музика за танци и народни песни
Музика за танци и народни песни
Music for dances and folk songs

Ради Радев - хореограф
Ради Радев
хореограф Самодейни танцови ансамбли